2019 Beauty Trends

What Are the Beauty Trends for 2019

2019 Beauty Trends

The new year 2019, we may be going back in time when it comes to beauty trends 2019. With the trends making the top spot on the list are grey hair, almond shape nails, and baby bangs. That anticipates all over the internet and social media. Below is the list of the top beauty trends 2019.

  • Most people are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through.
  • The next in the highlights is baby bangs. The 2019 crop just -above-brow cut.
  • Chipped Nails are out, powder dipping lasts longer than traditional gels, it is a way easier to remove.
  • For lashes, people are giving it lifts with natural solutions such as grape seed oil and aloe vera.
  • The new trend for a manicure is nutty like an almond nail, like the rounded shape of the nut.
  • From lips to lid gloss is helping make people best feature shine.
  • For brighter and smoother skin people will love to lather up gentle liquid exfoliators.

For beauty tips 2019, skin regimes set for a streamlined makeover. According to a senior beauty, the editor says that while Korea may have more influence. They added that Korea specifically is a hotbed of ingredients innovation, new regimes and beauty tech. Moreover, Korean beauty also renown for its laborious, multi-step approach, and as such other nations follow it. The cosmetics trends look natural, bare look evolves to enhance nudes. Skin tones infuse with a light drop of orange are combine with whitened pastels.

With all of these beauty trends for makeup and skin care it also involves health to have a perfect beauty. Most women’s health and beauty goal for 2019 is varied that range from internal and external beauty to mindset. This new year woman working towards incorporating healthy practices into their routine well in advance of the clock striking midnight.

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